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2018 Individual Tax Return Checklist

Thank you for choosing Ashok Parekh & Co Chartered Accountants to complete your 2018 Income Tax Return. To ensure we can process your returns as efficiently as possible, we have set out below a questionnaire to assist you in collating all of the relevant documentation we may need.

The ATO now have data matching technology which allows part of your return to be pre-filled. We will collate this pre-filled information from the ATO, but request that you still provide us with all of this documentation that you have available to ensure we can cross-match this to the information the ATO holds.

With regards to tax deductions, we strongly recommend you retain all relevant receipts in the event of an ATO audit to ensure you can substantiate your deductions. We will advise you of any other deductions we believe you are entitled too that will legally minimise your taxable income.

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Return Completion Details:

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PAYG Payment Summaries

Government or Centrelink Payments (e.g Pensions,Sickness Benefits, Parenting Payments, Newstart, Austudy & Youth Allowances)

Interest Received from Savings (Term Deposits,Bonus Saver Account, etc)

Dividends received on Shares and Managed Fund Statements

Pension or Annuity Payment Summaries (Group Certificates)

Foreign Source Income

Lump Sum and Termination Payments - All documentation should be provided including an ETP Payment Summary from the Employer or Fund

Details of any Capital Gains Tax Asset Sales (e.g. Shares and Real Estate)

Income from Trusts and Partnerships (Distribution Statements)

Personal Services Income & Business Income (See Business Checklist on our website)

Rental Property Income (Rental Property Checklist on our Website)

Any other income: (Please Specify Below)




Work Related Motor Vehicle Use (Business Kilometres if using the cents per km method otherwise Logbook and motor vehicle expenses)

Work Related Travel Expenses(Airfares,Accommodation,Meals and Incidentals etc.)

Work related Protective Clothing, Laundry and Uniform Expenses

Work related Self EducationExpenses (e.g. Course fees,Seminars, Conferences, Books)

Subscriptions (Union Membership, Professional Body Membership, Licensing)

Donations of $2 and over (School Building Fund Donations, Library Trust)

Cost of Managing Tax Affairs such as last years tax agent fee and any travel costs to see them.

Interest and Dividend Expenses (Bank fees, Margin Loan Interest, Investment Magazine Subscription, Financial Planning Fees)

Income Protection Insurance Policy (Sickness and Accident Insurance not paid from your super fund)

Sun Protection Expenses (if mainly working outdoors – sunscreen, sunglasses, hat)

Tools, Equipment and New Assets (e.g. Laptops, iPads) For items over $300 each, please provide receipts/date of purchase. Also provide percentage used for private use if any.

Work Related Mobile & Internet Expenses

Printing and Stationery Expenses (e.g. Work Diary)

Details of your personal super contributions (ignoring salary sacrifice arrangements or employer super contributions). You will need to provide a notice of intent to claim as a deduction from your super fund.

Home Office Expenses




Private Health Insurance Statement

Dependent Children Details (full name, date of birth, taxable income if working)

DVA Pension & Defence Force Medicare Levy Exemption Certificate

If relevant, Spouse Taxable Income, Date of Birth and Full Name (Only if spouse is not also a client)

Spouse Super Contribution – Details of any superannuation contributed on behalf of your spouse.

Zone rebate – If you resided in a remote area during the year, the number of days and where you resided. NOTE - your main residence must be in the zone area.

For new clients - a copy of last years tax return if available

Plus any other document(s) you believe may be helpful in tax preparation



If you are uncertain with any items that relate to your 2018 Individual Tax Return, don’t hesitate to speak with your Accountant

Additional Notes: - please list below

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Please Note: To ensure you obtain the maximum deductions you are entitled, and in consideration of the penalty provisions, full details of any claim should be provided and supporting documentation made available to our accountants, including receipts, tax invoices, dockets, logbooks, diary notations or reasonable and supporting estimates.